Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii Kauai, Hawaii
Massage Working with you for a happier body Massage

Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii
Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii
Sports massage, Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii
Foot Reflexology, Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii
Infant massage, Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii
Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii
Massage Services
A massage session by an experienced therapist often includes several different techniques. Many clients enjoy an eclectic approach with strokes and strategies from different modalities. Feel free to communicate with your therapist during the massage to let them know what you would like and where you need work.

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Body Treatments

Esalen Massage
A deeply relaxing massage using long slow strokes with a gentle, caring touch. This massage style helps to alleviate stress, calm the mind and body and promote a deep sense of well-being. Other benefits are increased blood and lymph circulation and a flushing of toxins from the body’s muscles. Put your mind and body at ease with this deeply soothing massage style.

Swedish Massage
The type of massage most Americans are familiar with. With long drainage strokes on the limbs, and gentle hacking, shaking and vibrating of the large muscles, Swedish massage is invigorating and surprisingly relaxing. Health benefits include increased blood, lymph and nerve function for the entire body. For those that want a traditional pain free massage that leaves you feeling relaxed but with a spring in your step, try a Swedish massage.

Sports Massage
Can be very beneficial for active people either between workouts or recovering from a sports injury. Sports massage helps to: minimize muscle repair time and soreness, release muscle, joint & connective tissue restrictions and flush metabolic waste from the body. A more relaxed and flexible body is less prone to future injuries. Take care of your self as you stay fit and enjoy your active lifestyle.

Deep Tissue Massage
Can help improve posture and flexibility and reduce pain caused by chronic muscle tension, scar tissue or injuries. Slow deep pressure applied after a good warm-up on your muscles can be deeply relaxing and a relief from day-to-day tension build-up. Your therapist will work with you to find the best level of pressure within your comfort zone, for the optimum release. A 90 min session is recommended for deep tissue work.

Done with your clothing on and without the use of oil or lotion. This rhythmic, pressure point technique works to stimulate circulation and release energy blockages along the major meridians of the body. Most people experience a wonderfully balanced and relaxed state after this traditional Japanese treatment. Pressure level will be tailored to your liking.

Foot Reflexology
A pressure point technique that stimulates reflex points effecting the entire body. A very relaxing and therapeutic treatment, reflexology can be done by it self or often combined with other services. This is most often a 30-minute session.

Prenatal Massage
A wonderful way to take care of you and the baby. Reduces stress, promotes deep restful sleep, helps to reduce swelling, balance emotions and relieve the aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy. The mother to be is massaged in the side lying position with plenty of pillows to make her and the baby comfortable. Prenatal massage is safe and healthy for both mom and baby. A prenatal massage gift certificate makes a great shower present!

Infant Massage
For babies who are four weeks of age or older. These services are either provided for the baby or as instruction for parents or other caregivers that want to learn infant massage. No special equipment or supplies are needed other than some massage lotion or oil and a comfortable, quite place on the floor. Infant massage promotes healthy sleep patterns, relieves colic, stimulates proper motor function, promotes healthy weight gain and promotes emotional security & happiness.
45 minutes - $50.00

Office Massage
Office massage is done with the recipient fully clothed and can be done in an empty office, a lunch room, outdoor lanai, or right in the office at a desk. A massage chair is often used, which gives the recipient a comfortable, supportive position to relax. 15-minute sessions are the most common, 10 or 20-minute sessions work well too. The services can be paid for by the employer or by the employees. Some companies offer on-site massage every week, some bi-weekly, some once a month or once a quarter. Help reduce stress and increase productivity with regular office massage.
15 min - $25.00
20 min - $30.00
30 min - $45.00

Hawaiian Herbal Wrap
A total-body experience using Hawaiian medicinal plants known for their relaxing and rejuvenating qualities. Large towels are soaked in our hot, herbal tea blend and then wrapped around you to melt away your aches and pains. Once wrapped in the hot towels you are covered with layers of sheets & blankets to hold in the heat for maximum effectiveness. We recommend giving yourself a few hours after the treatment with nothing on your schedule. Most people feel the relaxing effects of this treatment continue long after the towels have been removed. 24-hour advance notice needed for all herbal wrap sessions.
75 minutes - $140

Ear Candling
Used in many eastern health practices as an all-natural way to clean out the ear canal. A waxed cylinder is inserted into the opening of the ear canal and the other end is lit. Heat creates a vacuum and draws out the extra wax and debris from your ears. This treatment is helpful in promoting healing to those with loss of hearing, tinnitus, vertigo, swimmer’s ear, chronic ear infections and other ear related problems. It is also a fabulous way to maintain the health of your ears and prevent ear problems from developing in the future. This is a 30 to 60 min treatment depending on the number of candles you use. A 60 min session is recommended for those who have never had it done or for those who have not had it done in two or more years.
30 minutes - $50
60 minutes - $95

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