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Hollis Dana, owner of Happy Body massage therapy, Kauai, Hawaii
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Happy Body Massage

Hollis Dana, Owner
Happy Body Massage is owned and operated by Hollis Dana, LMT #6570. Hollis was first licensed as a Massage Therapist in California in 1982 and is currently licensed in Hawaii as well. She has had training in many different massage and bodywork techniques and is always learning something new. Hollis also has experience in social work, health education, and midwifery. She is a mother of three and loves biking, swimming, gardening, hiking, pets, music and art.

The Happy Body team
Hollis has a network of massage therapists with 20+ years experience that are available to provide services when more than one therapist is needed or when she is not available. "I feel so fortunate to have such great massage therapists to recommend! I never recommend anyone that I have not received a massage from. Your satisfaction is my number one priority."

Environmentally Responsible, Chemical Free
Hollis is an environmentally aware business owner who uses 100% biodegradable, chemical-free and fragrance-free cleaning products for all of her linens and for cleaning her studio. See http://www.shaklee.com/product/GetCleanLaundry for more information on the hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly products she uses. The lotions and oils she uses are professional quality and 100% natural with no alcohol, artificial fragrance or parabens. The three product lines that she uses are Epicuren, Natural Formulations and Young Living Essential Oils (no animal cruelty). She recycles all paper, plastic, cartridges and other office waste that can be recycled on Kauai and uses recycled office supplies when ever possible.

Happy Body Massage Gives Back
Owner, Hollis Dana donates her time doing massage at local sporting events and fundraisers in her community and contributes to Nature Conservancy of Hawaii and National Resources Defense Council on a regular basis.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with your massage, please let us know and we will give you another treatment free of charge or your money back.

To schedule an appointment: call 808 635 1029, or e-mail us.